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WCNet uses the commercial SlipStream Accelerator to speed up the loading of web pages. SlipStream SP uses patented compression technology, combined with data caching and network optimization, to reduce bandwidth requirements and accelerate data transmission by up to 6X over any network. Basically, SlipStream reduces the resolution of graphics. This proprietary solution creates a more fulfilling online experience, and satisfies the need for affordable speed.

Cost for WCNet/Turbosurf regular dial-up subscribers,
is an extra $1.50/month or $18/year

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How Does
It Work?

With traditional dial-up methods, the text and graphics that make up web pages get sent from the server to you over your phone line. Because of the large amount of data required to be sent, this process can be painfully slow. SlipStream’s Web Accelerator compresses this data using a proprietary technology, and sends it over your existing dialup phone line. This compression process allows a smaller amount of data to be sent – up to six times less – making the download time of your web pages and your online experience that much faster. As an added download time reducer, SlipStream’s Web Accelerator stores elements of the web sites you visit frequently, eliminating the need to re-download them every time you visit these sites.


Let’s say that you are interested in rates and hours for Cedar Point. You would go to www.cedarpoint.com. The page would generate faster WITH the accelerator than without for the purpose of getting the above information. Now let’s say that while you are there, you want to view the latest roller coaster. The graphic of the roller coaster that you are interested in viewing will not be very clear. If you still want to view the coaster, then you can right click on the graphic and ask it to generate WITHOUT the accelerator, but you will need to wait for it.

The left graphic represents the clarity without the accelerator.

The right graphic represents the clarity using the highest level of web accelerator.

* If a web page has multiple graphics, you can regenerate only the ones that interest you.
* Easy to scale the Accelerator to meet your needs, see chart below:
Accelerator Image Quality

Extremely high
Very High

Reduced Significantly
Reduced Slightly
Very Good


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or the $18.00 per year fee,
whether you use the Accelerator or not.
Cancel at any time (one-month minimum.)

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